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Many my clients love glamour portraiture sessions I offer, with flattening posing and artistic looks. But some people want to have precious moments of their lives to be documented and photographed very straight to the point. That’s when you STOP posing.

Back-to-school shopping with mum, braking dawn fishing trip with dad, crazy jumping-into-the-pool with all your family or rolling over the fallen leaves in a park with friends… all these make your life a wonderful journey, and you don’t want to miss these experiences when you think about them.

This is CANDID. Those stories are not limited to a certain age range, whether those are full of life kids or their mature parents. What I love the most about documentary photo sessions that they always come out fabulously funny and one of a kind. During these sessions my clients feel totally relaxed and their true selves, they forget that they are being photographed, allowing to capture those meaningful moments of their lives.

It starts with the context of the story you want to tell, and the personality of each participant of the photography session. From there, it’s the matter of communication and interaction with my heroes. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the photography studio, on the beach or at your home… It’s all about finding your personal sweet spot where you feel comfortable. Allow me to catch those real moments in photos for you.

And I am here to tell you, there is no time called “right-time-to-have-a-photo-session” and you can spend your whole life waiting on it. There is no THAT time. There is only right NOW, and what you choose to do with it. Don’t postpone your precious memories to be captured, to look at them later with fond memories. It’s time to build them NOW, because life is short, and tomorrow no one remains the same.

Let’s create a memorable photo story for you and the people you love NOW.

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