In other words, meet the artist 🙂

Hi I’m Marina! Most days I have a camera in hand. I love to conceive images, which make the viewer feel the spirit of dream, love and adventure. I love the combination of messy emotions and careful compositions. Being a great fan of natural light photography I combine photojournalism and artistic style in my works.

I know that the days go by slowly, but the years just fly by. I believe in the power of the photograph as a way to freeze all those priceless moments that we want to remember forever! Should it be your baby’s first year birthday, lose of her baby teeth or look of love during your wedding day, all these moments are sparkling with the unique magic and sometimes we just need to be reminded to look for that. And that’s what I want to do for you.

Let’s plan the portrait session you’ve been dreaming of! Get in touch now!


{You May want to ask me about this}

The session fee pays for the photographer’s time and talent during the session, use of professional hi-end digital SLR equipment, post production work.

A local park, an iconic spot with some meaning for your family, your home, etc. I’m open to all suggestions on what will work best for you. Newborn sessions are done in your home.

We discuss with you the ideas for your shoot you have in mind, the sort of images you like and location of the photo shoot, then a time that best suits you.

With families we like to build a beautiful story whether on the beach, park or even at your home or other iconic location, as we know every family has it’s own individual story to tell.

It would be great if you could let me know what images you like to get a feel for the type of photographs you are drawn to. The best time to do this is when you contact me or book your photo shoot.

Be assured we take a large range of shots to cover a plentiful array of images within the session time.

All shots are taken with a high-end digital SLR equipment.

Call or email us to discuss your ideas and any queries you may have.

I usually recommend at least one time throughout the year with some families opting for twice; once in the spring and once at the holidays. Newborn sessions are best done within 2 weeks after birth.

Sessions are recommended to be held between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, so please to contact me early.

Simple clothes and solid colours work best for photographs. I encourage complimentary colours among your family but recommend not going the matching route.

You won’t be wrong considering the following clothing options:

  • Casual dressy style for family session.
  • Something that you feel very confortable in.
  • Warm colors for winter and fall sessions and cool colors for summer and spring sessions.
  • Neutral colors for parents and brighter colors for children
  • Similar (but not the same) tones for all family is the best, neutrals look really great, pale to mid tone colors are also super.
  • Bright color outfits look good at individual portraits.

Please don’t consider the clothing options with logos and busy patterns.

Get good night’s sleep the night before the shoot to look fresh and feel energized. Organize your outfit choices a couple of days prior to the shoot. Aim to leave a little earlier to arrive at the shoot unrushed and unstressed.

  • Spare optional clothing in case we need to adjust colours or they get wet during the shoot.
  • Favourite kids’ dress ups, ballet outfits etc. for younger children.
  • Bring picnic or baby blanket, favorite children’s toys if they are participating.
  • Snacks for kids or picnic food, why won’t you even make it a picnic family outing!
  • Your furry friends, if they are with you bring a leash, treats and bags.
  • Sunscreens, umbrellas, just consider the weather.
  • If you’re having a beach session bring swimmers, towels, sunscreen and changes of clothes for all as you will probably get wet at the beach, but it’s a lot of fun.

YEEEP! Pets are more than welcome! They are part of the family after all. Animals REALLY help to loosen everyone up and make it more fun.

Melbourne has a reputation for its changeable weather, often referred to as having ‘four seasons in one day’. We can postpone your session if it is raining continuously. If lightly sprinkling we still go ahead as its usually temporary and the light if overcast is lovely and soft.

Yes, we can. We do retouching with care as we want you to look real in your portraits.

Your photographs will be supplied as professional prints within five days after the photo session. We encourage our clients to mix and match the products as you wish.

Photography Gift Certificates make a wonderful gift! The ideas for that are endless and the images we create will be sure to be cherished by your gift recipients for years to come.

You can purchase a gift certificate for the entire cost of a session or a gift certificate in any denomination you’d like and the recipient can use it toward the cost of the package of their choice.

And yes, there’s no easier gift to give or receive! Surprise your loved one or friend with a gift voucher, a gift of images they will be proud to frame on their wall for years to come.

I’m happy to help you! Contact me to schedule our shoot date and time. Payment in full is due prior to the session via cash, Paypal, cheque or bank deposit and secures your booking. I can’t wait to photograph your family!

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