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Images Telling Your Business Story

She is a woman, a mother, a wife, an artist, a business owner.. so many roles we have in life, but as a solo entrepreneur giving professional service, how do you visually present yourself and what do your personal branding photos tell about you and your business?

The personal brand you create is what people remember you for. When people look at your profile the first thing they see is your photo, and the way it presents you defines the first impression you make.

What we do for you is creating personal branding portraits telling your business story helping to grow your brand. We invest our time and skill to prepare you for fun dynamic photo shoot in a professional relaxed atmosphere, we coach you on posing and expressions so that you look the best yet comfortable and natural.

We will help you to select the best images at the end of each scene and you will receive your fresh remarkable business portraits the next day! It can’t be easier! Book your session now!



business photo
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Have you got professional business portraits on your Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social media profiles?

When people look at your profile the first thing they see is your photograph; your potential prospects judge you by your face before they even read the info part on your page or web site. The way your profile picture presents you defines the first impression you make. This is why your personal brand is really important for building your business.

Professionally done headshots help to humanise your brand, allow people to picture who they are dealing with, so the personal brand you create is what people remember you for. Your prospects will only want to work with you if they feel you are real, and they like and trust you. So presenting yourself as an authentic, trustworthy and approachable person would help you to make the right first impression, maintain your reputation and build credibility.

On Monday 31st October we help you to make fresh business headshots which sell your brand and put your digital business card on your prospects home screen like an app. Front of mind makes you easier to share, track and promote.


  • Get 3 professionally retouched images in color and BW
  • Receive smart digital business card with a lifetime subscription valued at $999 as a GIFT.

It’s time to update your headshots and business cards! Make the right first impression and connect to the right people to further your business.

ONLY $390. ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE.  Book your spot now!

Waterman Business Center

1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148

31 October, 6 pm

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Valentine’s Pin-Up Girls

Girls’ Post 🙂

We have just rested a bit after the Christmas celebration… but I am here to remind you about something nice and playful, that you will be thinking about in a few weeks. VALENTINE’S DAY! It’s on 14th February 🙂

In a couple weeks you’ll be shopping around thinking what to give him this year.. you’ve already given him everything, and looks like that perfume makes not too bad a gift, really… STOP! This perfume doesn’t create any memories and it doesn’t add any value to your relationships and your experiences as a couple. It’s just one more item on his shelf.

Why won’t you spend just a bit more extra to make a perfect gift for your special someone and the most amazing experience for yourself. Treat HIM to a Valentine’s Day Gift HE will love all year long!

Reserve your Pin-Up Style Flirty Photo Session now! (Limited spots available)

Wednesday, February 1st 10am
Sunday, February 5th 4pm
Location: Mordialloc Beach

Just $314 for 3 stunning portraits for 14th February to tease your loved one on Valentine’s Day, which makes it

– Professional hair adjustments & makeup (Regular price starting from $250)
– Pre-shoot consultation over the phone
– Professional look styling and accessories on the shoot day
– 20 minute Photo Session (Regular Price $480)
– 3 matt framed portraits in a gift wrap (Regular price $450)
– A Beauty Ticket worth $350
– Refreshments upon arrival


To secure your spot, a signed contract & $50 booking fee are due upon booking.
You can transfer your booking fee via Paypal

Bank deposit at
Maryna Zelenska
Account 702110
BSB 733070

Sessions begin with hair adjustments & makeup, followed by your 20-minute photography shoot. Necessary style adjustments will be made throughout your session. A selection of accessories will be available as well as some outfit options, however guests should come prepared with their own outfits. You will receive your How to Prepare for The Shoot Guide with your booking confirmation.

When booking, please note your preferred session date & time. Spots will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in touch soon!

This is truly the best photoshoot deal in Melbourne for Valentine’s day:)


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Many my clients love glamour portraiture sessions I offer, with flattening posing and artistic looks. But some people want to have precious moments of their lives to be documented and photographed very straight to the point. That’s when you STOP posing.

Back-to-school shopping with mum, braking dawn fishing trip with dad, crazy jumping-into-the-pool with all your family or rolling over the fallen leaves in a park with friends… all these make your life a wonderful journey, and you don’t want to miss these experiences when you think about them.

This is CANDID. Those stories are not limited to a certain age range, whether those are full of life kids or their mature parents. What I love the most about documentary photo sessions that they always come out fabulously funny and one of a kind. During these sessions my clients feel totally relaxed and their true selves, they forget that they are being photographed, allowing to capture those meaningful moments of their lives.

It starts with the context of the story you want to tell, and the personality of each participant of the photography session. From there, it’s the matter of communication and interaction with my heroes. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the photography studio, on the beach or at your home… It’s all about finding your personal sweet spot where you feel comfortable. Allow me to catch those real moments in photos for you.

And I am here to tell you, there is no time called “right-time-to-have-a-photo-session” and you can spend your whole life waiting on it. There is no THAT time. There is only right NOW, and what you choose to do with it. Don’t postpone your precious memories to be captured, to look at them later with fond memories. It’s time to build them NOW, because life is short, and tomorrow no one remains the same.

Let’s create a memorable photo story for you and the people you love NOW.

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